is a securely hosted reservation management platform designed to help travel management companies, corporate travel departments, and online travel agencies to better manage reservations, issue tickets, deliver itineraries and produce travel program reporting and analysis. iQCX interacts with every major global distribution system and can be customized to integrate with other technology providers.

iQCX is comprised of six primary and essential components that have been designed to: increase ticket throughput by saving time and work in creating reservations; improve operating efficiency by optimizing workflow and increasing touch-less rates; reduce overhead by eliminating the cost of technology maintenance and management; and, increase revenue by directing agents toward the most profitable supplier relationships.

Quality Control – iQCX QC

The quality control component ensures the reservation is complete and accurate by:

  • Validating reservation accuracy
  • Monitoring travel policy
  • Performing file finishing
  • Preparing for ticketing
  • Preparing for reporting

Ticketing – iQCX Ticketing

Our ticketing component:

  • Issues basic tickets as well as complex split tickets and exchanges
  • Immediately tickets all online reservations
  • Eliminates debit memos related to ticketing errors
  • Reduces after hours fees by conducting 24/7 reservations processing

Itinerary Delivery – iQCX Mail

The itinerary delivery component:

  • Creates branded itineraries
  • Delivers customized content that complements each reservation.
  • Sends itineraries in multiple formats i.e. plain text email, PDF and HTML.
  • Provides online access of  itinerary history

Virtual Card Integration – AutoPay

Cornerstone has partnered with both Conferma and eNett International to let you request virtual cards from within your workflow.

  • Automatically generate virtual cards in over 30 currencies to pay suppliers directly from within any GDS
  • Minimize the risk of fraud and maximize protection against supplier default
  • Better enforce travel policy with payments linked to corporate criteria and manage suppliers more effectively
  • Spend more time with your customers, and less time on payments handling and reconciliation. To learn more about AutoPay, click here.

Trip Improvement

The trip improvement component has three essential sub components.

  • Fare Checker – searches the GDS for better fare options
  • Seat Checker – works to acquire seats preferred by traveler
  • Waitlist Checker – queries availability of waitlisted segments

Reservation Management

The reservation management component is where customers can use technology to improve their unique and distinct business processes.

iQCX’s business rules management system utilizes ResRules to power the customizable automation of an endless array of manual activities unique to a specific set of operational and cost center objectives. Customers can outsource the development of ResRules to Cornerstone or, upon achieving certification, program them internally.