TravelOptix allows you to choose your own visualizations, data sources, and viewing device so you can tell the story you want, in the way that you choose. Pick your sources, then use the intuitive drag-and-drop visualization tools to discover insights that were previously hidden. Mobile integration and robust story telling tools allow you to present your findings anytime, anywhere so that you can delight customers and internal shareholders alike. Whether you are looking to improve internal efficiencies or drive greater value to your customers, TravelOptix gives you the tools you need to have a comprehensive picture of your data.

TravelOptix is comprised of four major components: intuitive customizable visualizations that reveal hidden insights; multi-source integration for a single analytics platform; mobile integration to view insights anytime and anywhere; and robust storytelling tools that let you efficiently collaborate.

Custom Visualizations

In most ‘custom’  data visualization tools you have the ability to select a few filters or switch between a bar graph and a pie chart. Some might even let you choose whether that chart is up, down, left, or right. Cornerstone’s TravelOptix allows for anyone to become a business analyst and architect of their data. Our tool features an advanced drag-and-drop interface to choose what you see, how you see it, and where you see it without having to write any code or queries. The tool even helps index and associate data so that you don’t have to. Users can choose their level of sophistication while still promoting consistency and accuracy.

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Multiple Data Sources

TravelOptix provides you the flexibility to load data from virtually any data source including spreadsheets, databases, operational systems, ERP, and web sources. Additionally, TravelOptix gives you the control to cleanse, transform, and unify multiple disparate data sources without requiring external tools. Current Cornerstone customers will start with data being loaded from iBank and iQCX and can integrate other sources from there.

Mobile Integration

As anyone who has tried to open an email at work, then again while out on the road will tell you, it will rarely look the same on a widescreen monitor as it does on your smartphone. That is where mobile integration comes in… TravelOptix’s responsive design, based in HTML5, automatically adjusts to the screen to give you the best possible experience on any device. The best part is that visualizations and data are both completely functional on any device.

Rich Storytelling

TravelOptix includes a built in presentation tool that allows you to build a presentation without switching programs. From the general text and picture capabilities you use today – to taking a snapshot or even embedding a ‘live’ view of your analytics and visualizations, you can do it all in one place. This allows you to tell a story that is supported by data analysis that you
can see.