Data Services

Our data services technology spans the life cycle of data, from creation to warehousing. Our revolutionary data acquisition and data cleansing technology allows you to bring together data from across your business.

Data Services is Critical for Your Business

With Data Services, we combine structured data elements such as reservations and expense data can be combined with unstructured data from emails and third-party providers.

Cleansed and normalized data is privately-hosted in a secure environment to ensure real-time accessibility by all Cornerstone automation and analytics solutions as well as any third-party technologies.

Data Services drives results for a large, multi-national corporate client

A large, multi-national corporate client was struggling with more than 30 separate data sources from their TMC and third- party providers. There were other sets of data that they were unable to merge with their existing data, such as ride sharing information. Each of the client’s TMC partners was able to consolidate their own data, but that limited the client to booking data only from that TMC. It did not meet their needs.

Our data services experts worked with this client to evaluate their current data environment and design a solution to ensure their data is acquired, cleansed, and normalized. This company has reduced the man hours spent consolidating data and increased the quality of their data. They have a single data set they now use to make and evaluate their decisions. They can implement policies and negotiate contracts with a full understanding of the breadth of their program and dollar reach.