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Schedule changes have always been a challenge, but with the number of changes (not to mention servicing challenges from NDC), it’s become a major issue for travelers, agencies, and corporate travel managers.

Elevate operational efficiency and tap into significant time and cost savings with Schedule Change Manager (SCM), the innovative solution for airline schedule changes. By automating this crucial task, SCM not only streamlines operations but also unlocks potential savings, increase traveler satisfaction and significantly reduces cost, making it an invaluable tool for managing both GDS and non-GDS bookings.

Streamlined Process for Enhanced Savings

Managing schedule changes efficiently is key to reducing operational costs. SCM simplifies this essential task, whether for bookings made within the Global Distribution System (GDS) or outside it. SCM also separates minor changes from ones that require traveler approval, allows travelers to accept changes at the click of a button (without agents needing to touch the record), and tailors to the specifics of your agency’s definitions and workflows.

This comprehensive approach ensures seamless management of all schedule changes, freeing your agents to work on only the trips that need a human touch.

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Key Advantages of SCM

  • Consistency and Precision: Ensures uniform handling across all changes, significantly reducing errors and reducing cost.
  • Speedy Processing: Rapidly updates and processes changes, leading to more efficient operations and minimized overhead.
  • Effective Communication: Clear schedules and timely alerts improve traveler satisfaction and reduce the need for costly follow-ups.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Manages both GDS and non-GDS bookings, offering a complete solution for all schedule change requirements and further maximizing cost-effectiveness.

A survey by Sabre showed that a single schedule change could take 15-30 mins to work a domestic change.

International takes longer…

Versatile and Comprehensive Management

Ideal for TMCs, OTAs, and CTDs, SCM is adept at handling both GDS and non-GDS bookings. This versatility makes it a comprehensive solution for all schedule change needs, enhancing its ability to save costs and improve operational efficiency.


Empower Agents, Maximize Savings

SCM frees agents from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more complex and valuable aspects of travel management. This shift not only improves the traveler experience but also contributes to cost savings and efficiency in operations.


Experience the Transformative Impact of SCM

Discover how SCM can revolutionize your approach to travel management, leading to streamlined operations and significant cost savings. Talk with our experts today to explore the benefits of SCM for your business. Or you can review the full capabilities of SCM by downloading the product ebook.