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It costs a lot of money to manage a queue of reservations.


… And managing this process is not a revenue generating activity for your agents. Agents should not be bogged down with routine, predictable tasks. Even just triaging the queue is a long, complicated, and burdensome.

With Schedule Change Manager™ (SCM), you can speed up your workflow so that you can provide better customer service and process way more PNRs than ever possible when using the manual processes.

Eliminate common and human errors, and free up your agents to take care of what really matters – your travelers.

Whether you’re an:


• TMC large or small


• Consolidator

• Tour and/or cruise operator

Schedule Change Manager™ (SCM) will work for you!

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How SCM Works


Eliminate human error and ensure consistency between all PNRs


Schedule changes can be processed in mere seconds. Quicker response time allows clients to know there’s a reservation change sooner.


“At a glance” schedules, “click to accept” emails, and upgrade notifications sent to travelers save everyone time and make your traveler interactions easy and painless.

* Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) 2021 – 2022

A survey by Sabre showed that a single schedule change could take 15-30 mins to work a domestic change.

International takes longer…

What Does An Agent Have To Do To “Keep Up” With SCM?


• Process hundreds of PNRs per second

• Monitor schedule change queues

• Triage the queue

• Clean PNRs

• Monitor debit memos

• Memorize business rules per account

• Never take a vacation

• Stay in the office 24/7

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Schedule Change Manager