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TicketTRAK Captures the Value of Unused Tickets

We know ticket tracking can be a big challenge and is a great way to show your value by helping your customers save money. How much? Our research indicates that 5%-10% of a company’s total air spend is associated with unused tickets, and more than 80% of all unused tickets can be recovered with our airfare ticket manager. TicketTRAK® is here to help you do just that.

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TicketTRAK fits easily into your current agency workflow and operates in the background. Our technology provides automated loading, tracking, and monitoring of ticket status both pre and post-travel up to the time of expiration. We even enable loading of specialty ticket types such as MCOs and non-BSP/ARC transactions. We provide a single view of ticket status across multiple GDS sources.

Even more critical for you, we send point of sale alerts to agents to identify travelers with potential unused ticket savings opportunities. We layer in robust business intelligence visualizations through our TravelOptix® platform. These are integrated with your reservation log, queue, or detailed views. We can also automate reporting to go out to your internal teams and customers.


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