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Maximize Savings with TicketTRAK™: The Smart Solution for Unused Airline Tickets

Unused airline tickets represent a significant opportunity for operational savings. While unused tickets have traditionally been challenging to keep track of, changes in the industry (including flight cancellations, weather disruption, and NDC) make a big problem much bigger. TicketTrak eases the pain and makes your unused ticket value available when you need it.

TicketTRAK is specifically crafted to help businesses capitalize on this potential, turning what seems like a loss into a strategic advantage. An estimated 5% to 10% of a company’s total air spend is locked in unused tickets, and with TicketTRAK, more than 80% of this value can be recovered.

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Seamless and Efficient Unused Ticket Management

TicketTRAK integrates into your existing workflow, operating seamlessly in the background. Its advanced technology automates the loading, tracking, and monitoring of ticket status from booking to expiration. Whether it’s managing various ticket types, including MCOs and non-BSP/ARC transactions, or providing a unified view of tickets across multiple GDS and non-GDS sources, TicketTRAK handles it all. Real-time alerts keep agents informed, ensuring that every opportunity for savings is utilized.

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Comprehensive Reporting for Informed Decisions Through Powerful Visualization

TicketTRAK’s automated reporting system keeps both your internal teams and customers in the loop about potential savings and ticket status. This feature ensures that everyone is informed and can act on the insights provided.

Enhancing its capabilities, TicketTRAK is integrated with the TravelOptix platform, offering robust business intelligence visualization. These insights are embedded in your reservation log, providing detailed, actionable data that optimizes ticket usage and aids in making data-driven decisions.

From Headaches to Strategic Assets

TicketTRAK empowers your business to recover more from unused tickets, keeping you ahead of airlines that benefit from lapsed tickets. By leveraging detailed analytics, TicketTRAK enables informed decision-making, turning unused tickets into a strategic asset for your business.

TicketTRAK: Transforming Unused Tickets into Savings

With TicketTRAK, imagine a business travel environment where every ticket, used or unused, contributes to your company’s savings and strategic goals.

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