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Schedule Change Manager

Speed up your workflow to provide better customer service and process more schedule changes than ever.

Almost 1 in 5 flights are subjected to schedule changes, and just one can take up to 30 mins to fix. (BTS) 2021 – 2022)

Cornerstone’s Travel Index

Cornerstone aggregates anonymizes and distributes information about the health of the Travel Industry – gathered from all of the data that flows through our network.



Avg Trip Spend

  green arrow white+7%



Avg Air Spend

  green arrow white+11%



Avg Hotel Spend

  green arrow white+5%



Avg Car Rental

  red arrow white-1%

Automation Solutions


  • Quality Control
  • Itinerary Delivery
  • Ticket Issuance
  • Trip Improvement
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Policy Compliance Manager Icon

  • Pre-Trip Approval
  • Traveler/Manager Notification
  • Program Compliance Monitoring
  • Web/Mobile Access
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TicketTRAK Logo

  • Automated monitoring of ticket status
  • Multiple GDS sources
  • Point of sales alerts
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Schedule Change Manager

  • Eliminate human error and ensure consistency between all PNRs
  • Quicker response time allows clients to know there is a reservation change sooner
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Data Solutions


  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Consolidation
  • Individualized Reporting
  • Business Intelligence
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Travel Optix 

  • Data Visualizations
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Mobile Integration
  • Rich Storytelling
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“Cornerstone’s technology is flexible enough to manage the exceptions. It’s really helpful to our customers and even allows us to turn reporting over to them!”

Brenda Ortman
VP Corporate Division El Sol Travel

El Sol Travel helps businesses integrate travel into their expense tools, control and understand travel spending, monitor prices and find lower rates, and suggest travel policy changes.

Cornerstone Information Systems is the technology partner behind the scenes of tens of millions of automated bookings.

Our technology helps you configure workflow and services that deliver measurable savings and insights to manage your travel program and operations.

travel management operations

Let’s face it—travel operations that fail to automate will not be able to compete on customer satisfaction or pricing. The right technology partner will enhance your program and set your business up for ongoing success.


Ready to learn how you leverage our solutions for your success? Join the more than 600 companies with more than $2 billion in travel spend that depend on us for the success of their travel program.

January 2023 Travel Industry Index Report: Analysis

Here at Cornerstone Information Systems, we have been working on a method to aggregate, anonymize, and distribute information about the health of the Travel Industry - gathered from all of the data that flows through our network every month. We feel that it is...

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Unlocking Your Company’s AI Potential With Good Data

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