Cornerstone Travel Automation Platform

(including iQCX® – Quality Control)

The tools and world-class customer service behind the scenes of millions of automated bookings for the biggest brands in the industry.

93% of TMCs reduced staff by 25+% to ride out the pandemic. As business travel resumes, it’s difficult to ramp up operations and support staff fast enough. And business travel clients demand more personalized and responsive service than ever.

You can grow and thrive with the team you have! But, you’re going to have to stop inundating your agents with manual tasks.


Put Your Mid-Office on Auto

Cornerstone’s Travel Automation Platform, which includes iQCX®, goes way beyond common tasks like quality control, low fare searches, and preferred seat checks.

Now you can automate unique business requirements and the frequent outlier tasks that have been crushing your agents and eating into profit margins.

Cornerstone lets us be nimble, quick, and spot-on. Now we can say ‘yes’ to all of our corporate client requests.

Jeff Jarvie

Cadence Travel

What is iQCX?


Yes—You Can Automate That, Too!

Travel Policy Management

• Schedule Changes

• Quality Control

• Ticketing

• Low Fare Searches

• Itinerary Delivery

• Virtual Card Integration

Risk Management & Messaging

• Reservation Management

Unused Ticket Management

Detailed specifications to learn more about the incredibly robust feature set of iQCX®.

The Cornerstone Difference: Renowned Customer Service

The family-feeling and connectivity with Cornerstone means so much to me. I’m a long-term, loyal, dedicated client because of the wonderful relationship I have with all of you.

Steve Orens

Plaza Travel

For 30 years, Cornerstone has provided the tools and service behind the scenes of millions of automated bookings for the biggest brands in the industry.

Put your mid-office on auto and free up your agents to be travel consultants. Contact Cornerstone today to learn more.

Cornerstone at Work: Do More With Less!

Our agents can be travel consultants now, not machines matching tickets with people.

Jeff Jarvie

Cadence Travel