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Our workflow automation solutions drives efficiency from the moment reservations are created through their life in our data warehouse.
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Regional OTA Uses Workflow Automation To Reduce Costs In Low Margin Areas In Order To Maximize Revenue Per Booking

A regional online travel agency uses workflow automation to reduce costs and maximize revenues. This OTA operates on tight margins.

Hotel bookings produce a lot of their revenue, but the OTA also has to make air bookings which are low margin and difficult to service. This client wanted to touch air bookings as little as possible. Any touches on the air booking post-ticketing drove additional direct costs and the OTA wanted to retain as much residual value as possible.

The workflow automation capabilities were able to manipulate the bookings by robotically ticketing the air segment, and automatically processing any schedule changes that the air booking had. This OTA went from no automation in their process to fully automated in 60 days. They saw a reduction of 3-5 minutes per booking or 30 minutes per agent every day.