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PCM, an innovative offering from Cornerstone, transforms both the way companies manage corporate travel and how companies can best communicate policy with their travelers when booking. This isn’t just a tool; it’s your partner in ensuring policy adherence and streamlining travel approvals.


Effortlessly Navigate the Complexities of Corporate Travel Policy

Managing corporate travel policy can be daunting, with its maze of policies, approvals, and compliance issues. PCM simplifies this process, offering swift, error-free approvals whether reservations are made online or through an agent. The best time to ensure travelers make the best choices is before ticketing, and during the 24-hour change window. PCM uses flexible rules to nudge behavior to the best options, while automatically routing for approval or further action. This automation enables transparency every step of the way, making it an essential tool for any company seeking efficient travel policy management.

Unique Features for a Streamlined Experience

PCM stands out with its array of innovative features:

  • Instant Alert System: Immediate notifications for approvers when a booking is made.
  • Policy Communication: Keeps travelers informed about your company’s travel policies.
  • Smart Nudges: Encourages in-policy booking to enhance compliance.
  • Additionally, PCM adapts to your company’s unique policies, taking into account factors such as cost and risk, for tailored compliance.

Embrace Your Travel Process

PCM is the ideal solution for TMCs and CTDs looking to enhance their travel process. It closes approval gaps, reduces communication delays, ensures documentation accuracy, helps in understanding travel policies better, promotes preferred suppliers, and enhances security.

Stay Connected, Anytime, Anywhere

With PCM’s real-time email alerts and secure web access, approvers can manage travel details globally, 24/7. Each decision contributes to a complete audit trail, ensuring accountability and timely communication.

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