FareNexus and Cornerstone Information Systems Partnership Announcement

Farenexus and Cornerstone Information Systems integrate platforms to provide airline distribution and contract management solutions for the travel industry.


Cornerstone Contact

 Lierin Holly-Falzoni

Marketing Manager

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Rich Miller

Senior Vice President


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Montreal, Canada/Bloomington, Indiana, September 27, 2022.  Farenexus and Cornerstone Information Systems (Cornerstone) are pleased to announce that they are working together to allow Cornerstone access to Farenexus airline direct booking (nexusWind – Agent portal and nexusKite – Corporate Solution) and airline contract management (nexusCMT) tools for distribution to business and leisure travel companies.  Working with initial customers, the combined solutions will allow traditional travel and online companies to operationalize NDC and GDS-based booking at the point of sale into their mid and back-offices while better managing airline contracts and supplier revenues.

Farenexus’ nexusWind platform provides both GDS and NDC content booking solutions and an industry-leading Contract Management Tool, nexusCMT, that allows customers to maximize their revenues and corporate discounts.  Ravi Panwar, Farenexus’ CEO, states, “We are very excited to have this strategic partnership with Cornerstone to bring the touchless booking experience to the travel industry and all of our current and future mutual customers.  We are currently working on several projects with Cornerstone for our airline and TMC customers that will allow booked airline NDC content to be processed efficiently through Cornerstone’s iQCX platform, capturing these bookings and allowing them to be fulfilled and integrated into travel companies’ mid and back-office processes.”

Cornerstone’s iQCX® platform is used by over 200 travel companies in the leisure and online business sectors to automate mission-critical fulfillment processes from document delivery to ticketing and post-ticketing.   Mat Orrego, Cornerstone’s CEO, states, “As the airline distribution model is changing, it has become apparent that the current technology that travel companies have relied on needs to change to accommodate the complexity and opportunities this omnichannel model is presenting.  As we worked with Farenexus on several customer projects, it became apparent that we could provide even better solutions for the industry by working more closely together.”

Look for additional announcements over the coming months about specific ways that Farenexus and Cornerstone are working together with customers.


About Cornerstone           

Cornerstone Information Systems delivers innovative solutions for travel companies and their clients to maximize higher performance opportunities, greater efficiency, and, ultimately, higher profitability.  Companies operating more than $40 billion in travel spending annually trust Cornerstone to help them proactively lower travel management costs and drive revenues through travel optimization.  Founded in 1992, Cornerstone Information Systems is a privately held company headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, with customers in more than 50 countries.



About Farenexus

Farenexus as a company was founded in Montreal in 2016.  Farenexus Group is an IATA NDC Certified company which empowers companies with corporate, leisure, On and offline booking solutions, contract management, process automation, customer profile & policy management, and data-driven insights to transform into more efficient operations.  We continue to reduce operational costs with our innovative digital products and services.



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