Customer Support

Customer Support is designed to meet your needs as you use our technology in your business.

Contact Customer Support

We provide a toll-free number for those located in North America. Please dial +1 (888) 778-0897. Select option 3 for Customer Support.

If you are located in Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America or another part of the world, please dial +1 (812) 330-4361. Select option 3 for Customer Support.

If you call outside of business hours in Eastern Standard Time (1200-2100 GMT), please follow the directions for escalation on the phone menu.

Requests for support or additional questions can always be sent to

Access Our Community Site

Our Community Site is designed to provide you with information on our technology, from release information to product documentation.

To access the Community Site, you can use the Login button below or click here. If you need access, please contact Customer Support.