TicketTRAK Free Trial To Help You With The COVID-19 Pandemic


We have been talking a lot with our customers these days and we’re sure you’ve been taking stock with yours as well. Despite business being down, we hear clearly is that activity is way up – much of that involving flight changes and cancellations.
All of this is leaving companies with thousands of dollars in unused tickets.

When COVID-19 eventually fades into the rearview mirror, one thing is for certain: business travel will resume.

We don’t think we’re alone in wanting to look our customers in the eye, shake their hands, and have a quality, face-to-face conversation.  When that time comes, today’s cancelled ticket will become tomorrow’s exchange opportunity. But if what we’re hearing is right, finding those tickets could be a significant challenge. 

“Cornerstone Can Help”

These three words have become the ‘Cornerstone’ of our philosophy during this time of uncertainty. With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 having such a harsh impact on the travel industry, we want to do everything we can to live up to that motto.

We are starting by making our newest version of TicketTRAK available to you for free for the duration of Q2 if you sign up with us by April 17th. This means that you can use this tool from us for free until June 30th to help reclaim the value of your cancelled airline tickets.

What can TicketTRAK do for you? Great question! Read on to find out:

TicketTRAK Free Trial To Help You With The COVID-19 Pandemic

Tracking Cancelled Tickets Due To COVID-19 Concerns

Capturing the value of unused tickets can be a major priority as the global business world fluctuates. The conference circuit is being particularly hard hit as event after event is cancelled due to the risk.

That means that suddenly, a lot of companies are finding themselves with tickets for flights that will not be used.

Cornerstone’s TicketTRAK platform actually keeps tabs on these unused tickets, and with proper management, up to 80% of their value can be recovered. In fact, we just released an update to this platform making it easier as well as more robust in its functionalities. It can integrate with BookingBuilder ™, interact directly with PNR remarks, broadcast functionality via our iBank platform, simplified the process for adding non-ARC / BSP tickets and MCOs, and more.

We also know that most of your clients’ airline ticket cancellations have already taken place. We can retroactively go back through cancellations in order to track what has not been processed by TicketTRAK. 

If you can say “yes” to the following, please do not hesitate in signing up for our free offer:

  1. You are CURRENTLY an iQCX client
  2. Do you have multiple unused non-refundable ticket logs?
  3. Wish you had easy access to unused ticket information?
  4. Wish you had an easy way to include manual tickets and/or MCOs’ in your unused ticket reporting?

Let us help you with this burden. Email your account executive or sign up to speak with one of our experts here.

Don’t consider the value of unused tickets to be lost. Start tracking tickets for your customers with TicketTRAK and redeem as many of them as policy allows.

TicketTRAK Free Trial To Help You With The COVID-19 Pandemic


Q – How soon do I have to sign up?

A – Anyone signed up by April 17th, 2020 will be able to take advantage of this free version of TicketTRAK until the end of Q2 (June 30th, 2020). After June 30th, you can decide to keep it, or unsubscribe from the service.

Q – How soon do open ETR’s show up in TicketTRAK?

A – We have built the module to start checking open ETR’s once a ticket is issued. That means we can pick up an opportunity on an ETR that was canceled pre travel, not just the day post last segment.

Q – How soon are exchanged ETR’s removed from the database?

A – You decide how often you want iQCX to check the status, or you can place the PNR on the traditional iQCX processing schedule with a remark and the ETR status is changed at that time.

Q – What if I do not have Booking Builder. How would our agents know if an ETR is available for use?

A – Our standard offering comes with a queue back to the agent once the PNR is presented to iQCX for QC/Issuance. We place the PNR back to the agent with the open ETR number for use

Q – Is there a cost to implement Booking Builder if we use it?

A – No, we do not charge for the iQCX set up and loading to the Booking Builder database every day.