Powerful New Version of TicketTRAK® is here! What does this mean for you and your company?

We are very excited to announce the release of our TicketTRAK update, and we have compiled this page highlighting what’s new regarding this update. What’s new? What’s changed? What can your company expect from this great new tool? Read on to find out!

But first, what IS TicketTRAK?

We know, and you know, that 5%-10% of the tickets that your customers purchase will change and are at risk of going unused. This is why industry standard practice requires the tracking of unused tickets. We also know that this is no simple task.

Unused tickets that expire mean that the money your client spent on travel simply ends up as a tip in the airlines’ pockets. The good news is that more than 80% of all unused tickets can be recovered through proper management. TicketTRAK is here to help you do just that.

TicketTRAK is designed to fit into your current agency workflow and operates in the background. Our technology provides automated loading, tracking, and monitoring of ticket status both pre and post-travel up to the time of expiration. We even enable loading of specialty ticket types such as MCOs and non-BSP/ARC transactions. We provide a view of ticket status across multiple GDS sources.

Even more critical for you, we enable point of sale alerts so that your agents can opportunities to exchange unused tickets before they expire and become worthless. We layer in robust business intelligence visualizations through our TravelOptix® platform. We also automate reporting to go out to your internal teams and customers.


What’s New With TicketTRAK?

  • Integration with BookingBuilder (TM)

  • Improved ability for agents to interact with TicketTRAK directly via PNR remarks

  • New ResRule functionality that will alert agents to opportunities to use unused tickets

  • Broadcast report functionality via iBank

  • Improved pre-travel status checks on e-tickets issued through GDS for better data  visualization

  • Simplified process for adding non-ARC / BSP tickets and MCOs

  • Robust data visualization for account management and customer consultation

  • Added a process to upload tickets to TicketTrak in bulk during implementation

  • Including a “Build Your Own Report” interface and functionality

These are some of the biggest highlights for new functions and capabilities for TicketTRAK, and there is a lot to be excited about!

What can TicketTRAK do for you?



Still wondering if TicketTRAK is the right solution for you?

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