Unused Air Tickets? Clean Up That Mess

Are You Still Struggling With Unused Airline Tickets?

… If so, you’re not alone.

COVID-19 has not been kind to the travel industry, and among all of the issues still facing travel managers is an avalanche of unused air tickets. While airlines have tried to help alleviate the situation with extensions on change fee waiver time limits, a company still needs to keep track of each unused ticket in order to reclaim its value.

For some, that backlog of tickets is massive. An earlier report on BTN claimed that “some buyers … have at least $1 million in unused tickets”.

While it would not be impossible to keep track of all of that value manually, it certainly would be impractical in today’s reality of reductions and furloughs.

Automate Your Ticket Tracking

The easy answer is to automate your ticket tracking.

The good news is that more than 80% of all unused tickets can be recovered through proper management. Cornerstone’s TicketTRAK Solution is here to help you do just that.

TicketTRAK is designed to fit into your current agency workflow and to operate in the background. Our technology provides automated loading, tracking, and monitoring of ticket status both pre and post-travel up to the time of expiration. We even enable the loading of specialty ticket types such as MCOs and non-BSP/ARC transactions. We provide a view of ticket status across multiple GDS sources.

And yes, you can bulk upload your previously booked tickets into our system from the beginning.

Don’t miss out on all that value. You spent that money on your business. We can help you keep it there.

Keep Track of ALL Unused Tickets – Not Just Domestic Ones!

Here at Cornerstone Information Systems, we pride ourselves on being a global company. So why should our ticket tracking software be limited just to domestic or regional tickets?

Our TicketTRAK solution can keep track of ALL of your unused air tickets, no matter where on the globe they were destined to bring you. And no matter what currency they were booked in.

Updated As COVID Policies Change

We’ve seen COVID-19 related travel policies change quickly and with little warning – and we want to make sure that your ticket tracking software is as up to date as possible. We just implemented an update that takes all of the latest airline exchange policies into consideration and makes sure that any and all necessary new GDS ticket check parameters are in place. Check out our update log here for more details.

Our engineers are also already working on further updates to the platform, just to make sure it stays as current as possible in this fluid travel environment.

Ready To Automate?

Just let us know! You can get in touch with our experts and see if TicketTRAK is the right solution for you.

Don’t get buried under your unused airline tickets. Even worse – don’t let those unused tickets go to waste. The realities of this pandemic mean that no one can afford to leave money as a tip in the airlines’ pockets. That is money that your business spent on itself. It should be kept that way.

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Unused Air Tickets? Clean Up That Mess