Are you finding yourself burdened by too many unused airline tickets due to COVID?

While business is still down due to the pandemic, some activity is happening in the travel industry — unfortunately, much of that involves flight changes and cancellations.

All of this is leaving companies with thousands of dollars in unused tickets.

“Topaz and Cornerstone Can Help”

We are starting by making our newest version of TicketTRAK available to you for free for the peak summer season if you sign up with us by Monday, May 18th. This means that you can use this tool from us for free until July 31st to help reclaim the value of your cancelled airline tickets.

What can TicketTRAK do for you? Great question! Read on to find out:

Topaz Clients: Free Trial of TicketTRAK

Tracking Cancelled Tickets Due To COVID-19 Concerns

We know that suddenly, a lot of companies have found themselves with tickets for flights that will not be used. Capturing the value of unused tickets will be a major priority as the global business world fluctuates.

Our TicketTRAK platform actually keeps tabs on these unused tickets, and with proper management, up to 80% of their value can be recovered. In fact, our sister company Cornerstone Information Systems just released an update to this platform making it easier as well as more robust in its functionalities. It can integrate with BookingBuilder™, interact directly with PNR remarks, simplify the process for adding non-ARC / BSP tickets and MCOs, and more.

We also know that most of your airline ticket cancellations have already taken place. We can retroactively go back through cancellations in order to track what has not been processed by TicketTRAK. 

Let us help you with this burden. Sign up to speak with one of our experts here. 

Don’t consider the value of unused tickets to be lost. Start tracking your tickets with TicketTRAK and redeem as many of them as policy allows.

 Topaz Clients: Free Trial of TicketTRAK