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Once upon a time, travel companies profited from supplier commissions.  More agents meant more profit, and you needed travel experts to manage reservations.
Then came the internet, globalization, self-service, and suppliers cutting their commissions to compete directly with you.  Travel became less about expertise and more about processing transactions profitably.
But travelers still expected excellent service!
They still needed everything to work identically, worldwide, but using far fewer agents.  And for business travel, employers wanted consistent reporting and insights to their spending and duty-of-care responsibilities.
That’s why Mat Orrego founded Cornerstone. He realized to compete in today’s global market, travel companies needed to focus their people on providing excellent service and automating expensive and manual reservation processes.
For example:
Your traveler Mary makes a reservation. But what if it changes or gets canceled? Can she apply an unused ticket?  What if the fare drops tomorrow, or a snowstorm delays Chicago flights for 8 hours? What if a global pandemic strikes, stopping travel entirely?
Fixing it manually is no longer viable.
Cornerstone Automation has you covered. Our automation bots capture every reservation and monitor it from creation to when travelers get home.  We automate online cancelations, reissue and apply credits, track schedule changes, and keep your travelers updated and safe.
Today’s travel businesses face the most challenging environment in 20 years, competing with fewer people and lower profit margins.  Let Cornerstone be your trusted partner in automating your travel and services operations.