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July 25, 2016– As President and COO of Cornerstone, Ron Childress is excited about how Cornerstone software can improve travel experience and data management. Here is a peek inside Ron’s mind as he shares about the Cornerstone’s software suite and its reception in the marketplace with Cornerstone’s Marketing Intern, Jo Velazquez.

Jo:       What Cornerstone projects are you personally most excited about?

Ron:    Being a technology person from many years in the workforce, it is easy for me to find excitement in many of the projects Cornerstone is undertaking that will benefit both our corporate objectives and our ability to meet the ongoing requirements of our customer’s business objectives. From customer facing projects like TravelOptix™, 4site™, iQCX®, and iBank® to expansions of our SaaS application infrastructure (not everyone is so easily excited about a solid state data array as I am), it is very easy for me to be passionate about the ongoing investments we are making in Cornerstone.

Jo:       In what ways is Cornerstone innovating data visualization?

Ron:    I have personally seen and utilized the value of data visualizations to organize and present information from data in order to make better decisions. The same platforms we use to develop customer applications like TravelOptix are the same tools we use to manage many of our internal data repositories.  Analyzing data with the flexibility of visualizations only helps convey the story data wants to tell.  I love the many ways our technologies enable our customers (and their customers) to arrive at business decisions faster with more accurate outcomes.

Jo:       How does Cornerstone consider its customers when it develops updates for iQCX?

Ron:    Each iQCX update package includes requests for additional functionality that come directly from customers.  On average, each iQCX application update may contain upwards of 20+ enhancements (June PAK2016-3.2) generated from customer interactions with employees at Cornerstone.  We realize that our customers and users are the best source of creative ideas on how to solve their business problems and we do our best to incorporate many of these ideas in each application update.

Jo:       What has been customer reaction to TravelOptix?

Ron:    TravelOptix has seen an expanded adoption in our customer base in recent months which only continues to drive new, creative ways to view data.  Because of this very positive reception of TravelOptix, we have been able to build on the creativity of the user to offer insight into their business.  It is very exciting to have the ability to improve our technology that then allows for an expanded base of decision makers to stay informed and productive.

Jo:       What are customers most excited about with soon-to-be-released 4site™ software?

Ron:    With the introduction of our first mobile application in 2016, the 4site journey management platform is all about enabling travelers and their service provider access to information that will allow them to quickly handle any situation or issue that may arise on a given trip. 4site integrates additional information from outside traditional resources, yielding it the most informative platform in maintaining alignment between traveler and TMC during travel.