Cornerstone Risk Messenger

is an automated communication tool that alerts and educates travelers regarding risk levels with personalized notifications during their trips and according to their destinations. Travelers receive communications from you regarding health policy, destination risk updates, and at other specified risk related triggers.

Travelers need the most current information on health risk as they travel in a post-COVID world. Companies need more control and data to navigate rapid changes. This creates an added burden on companies and agencies at a time when resources are stretched thinner than ever.

Risk Messenger Works For Both Corporate And Leisure Travel

Customize communications based on traveler profiles and destinations.  

Information is updated throughout the trip and contains just what travelers need to know, right when they need to know it. Agencies, TMCs and corporate clients can tailor the communications and choose how often and exactly when the messages are sent. And Risk Messenger integrates smoothly into agency operations, making the entire process efficient, cost-effective and easy to scale.

Risk Messenger delivers the most current travel risk information in personalized communication tailored to each traveler throughout their trip. This workflow can be integrated with any iQCX workflow. 

Risk Messenger Provides:

  • Travel risk levels for departure and arrival locations
  • Relevant and timely details of their internal travel and expense policies
  • Quarantine or testing requirements
  • Business openings and restaurant restrictions

For corporate travel, simply combine Risk Messenger with Cornerstone’s Policy Compliance Manager™ to unlock the following: 

  • Return to work procedures on arrival home
  • Automated routing for internal notification and pre-trip approval
  • Advanced health risk analytics