At Cornerstone, we are busy preparing for the next week’s Global Business Travel Association Convention (GBTA) in Orlando. While we are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones, this year’s event is particularly significant to us because we are returning to our roots as innovators and launching two exciting new products to the market – TravelOptix™ and 4site™.

At Cornerstone, we set out to solve two of the most significant problems in the travel industry. These two issues are data consolidation and the proper visualization of data to make it actionable – as well as the world of proactively managing trip disruption effectively. Our groundbreaking advances with TravelOptix™ and 4site™ are designed to address these challenges and optimize travel for companies and travelers. TravelOptix™ is a powerful, affordable, user-friendly business intelligence tool for travel and other data. The event-driven app 4site™ provides real-time and contextual trip data directly to the corporate traveler’s mobile device, making the travel experience seamless.

I was recently reading the article How to Optimize your Travel Budget by Chuck Leddy. In the article, he states that middle market companies need to focus on “controlling costs and making wise investments in managing travel budgets that can improve your bottom line and help you develop sustainable relationships with clients and stakeholders.”

Getting the highest return on a travel budget is critical to any size company’s success. What is the best approach to do this? Having the proper tools and an analytic business intelligence platform is the foundation for making smarter business decisions when optimizing your travel budget.

The introduction of TravelOptix™ will clearly demonstrate the power of impactful data visualizations coupled with easily assessable analytics. The ability to import, view, join and analyze non-travel data, as well as traditional travel data puts the control of understanding your travel program compliance and gaps back into the hands of the company. Cornerstone will make this available from the start with an iBank app, and we look forward to demonstrating the power of the solution at booth #827 at GBTA.

In today’s competitive economy and fast-paced environment, we all face the challenge of optimizing our business travel budgets to the fullest. Knowledge is power, and leveraging data provides the insights needed to make the best decisions. Cornerstone is proud to deliver the solutions to this problem for the industry. As we always say….”Love your Data.”