New Training Opportunity

Cornerstone is excited to announce our partnership with Discere Training Services to provide high-quality and personalized training on all Cornerstone products.

Founded by long-time Cornerstone veterans, Discere Training Services offers training on the different Cornerstone products at both introductory and expert levels. Whether you need a quick refresher course, a class to help explain a new implementation, or a personal coach for your iQCX team, Discere can help.

Besides offering training and consultations, Discere (rhymes with “library”) is also offering their clients additional Cornerstone centric services:

  • iBank platform administration
  • Help setting up your DataCleanser
  • Auditing and Planning ResRules

“Having worked at Cornerstone and helped train Cornerstone clients for the past 18 years, I’m personally very excited to be able to get Discere off the ground and in front of Cornerstone clients. We’re going to be able to offer classes, administration help, ResRule planning, efficiency consultation – whatever you need, we’ll be able to help you optimize your experience with any Cornerstone product.”

 – Jim Ehinger, Founder/CEO of Discere Training Services

The current listing of Discere classes includes: 

  • iQCX ResRules
  • iQCX Web Portal
  • iQCX Troubleshooting
  • iQCX Custom Training
  • iBank Orientation
  • iBank Administration
  • iBank Reporting
  • DataCleanser
  • DataDoctors
  • Custom iBank Training
  • TravelOptix Orientation
  • TicketTRAK Orientation

In their own words:

Discere (dis-aiŕ-ee, Latin for “to learn”) is a company whose focus is to provide effective training to our clients.  Our primary focus is on Cornerstone Information Systems products and services, but we also offer Professional and Personal Development courses.  Check out our offerings and if you have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your training needs.​

If you are interested in some supplemental or customized Cornerstone Product training, you can visit Discere Training Services here, or contact them by filling out their web form here

New Training Opportunity