“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.” Charles Eames

You might think that we provide tools that streamline corporate travel and make it less costly, but really what we do is make connections. Two of our recent integrations reflect our mission to make the connections that elevate our service, changing the relationship between corporate travel managers, travel brands, suppliers, agencies, and travelers for the better.

We were one of the first partners to integrate with Traxo CAPTURE, a travel data aggregation tool, to provide a more comprehensive itinerary planning and travel management. We know what a trip is more than just what’s booked in the GDS. The Traxo integration gives us seamless access to customers’ booked travel plans, brand preferences, and spending activity, which means you gain a competitive edge in understanding travelers’ needs and behaviors. This partnership facilitates the integration of travel data into web, mobile, mid-office, and back-end applications.

Our new partnership with Conferma allows us to offer credit-based virtual payments to our already robust AutoPay platform. The integration takes advtange of Conferma’s vast worldwide network of banking partners for convenient credit-based payments, including 40 currencies across 193 countries.

These two new partnerships are in addition to our existing integrations with eNett and Qlik. Though the threads may be invisible, they connect our clients to a network of exceptional providers that make our customers better able to manage their business and engage with travelers.

Also essential to the quality of our service is, of course, our own team. We believe that keeping our team of experts closely connected is the key to our success and, therefore, yours. As a result of our rapid growth, we currently have two offices—one for our engineering, development, and support teams, and second office for the business team.

We are pleased to announce that construction has begun on our new headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana, our home for the last 24 years. The new open-concept offices will have the ideal space for our whole team to work under one roof in a collaborative environment.

As we look ahead to 2017, anticipating growth in the corporate travel sector for yet another year, know that we will continue our focus on delivering partners, services, and tools that will make corporate travel better and more manageable than it’s ever been.