iQCX Training Is Here!

Ever have one of those days where a PNR didn’t process correctly, and you wish you could just fix it yourself instead of going through the process of submitting a ticket and waiting for help?

Well, today is your lucky day!

Sign up for iQCX Troubleshooting Training Class HERE!

Because even though we here at Cornerstone thrive on fixing errors as quickly and efficiently as possible, we know that sometimes nothing beats being able to just sit down and do something yourself.

That’s why we are offering our very own iQCX Troubleshooting Courses for clients of all levels and familiarity.

Whether you are looking to designate an employee as your own in-house “go-to” for iQCX troubleshooting issues, or you just want to give your agents a little bit of extra training, these courses are absolutely something that you won’t want to miss.

Take a look at what we have to offer:

IQCX Troubleshooting Training

Web Portal Troubleshooting

(1 hour)

This introductory class for troubleshooting is intended for any iQCX client. 

Attendees will be shown basic troubleshooting steps and procedures in tracking down, identifying problems, and taking steps to fix them.  We will discuss the overall iQCX process, so that you understand how iQCX works, and then show you how to use the options and features available to you in the Web Portal, giving you the power to correct some issues on your own.


IQCX Troubleshooting Training

Composer Troubleshooting

(1 hour)

For customers who are ResRule Writers:

Access to the iQCX Composer gives you more than just the ability to write ResRules.  In it, you can look at many aspects of the overall iQCX processing, and use the Composer’s capabilities to review schedules, troubleshoot ResRules, and see how and why a PNR was not processed correctly.  Most times, it is the user who can identify and correct problems without having to escalate to Cornerstone Support.  In this class, you’ll be shown how to use all the features of the Composer to assist you in your troubleshooting procedures, beyond what you can do in the Web Portal.

Current Prices:

$250 – First Seat

$150 – Per seat for the next 4 seats from your company or party

$99 – each seat after the 5th

IQCX Troubleshooting Training

IQCX Troubleshooting Training

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with your CIS rep or send any inquiry to:

All times listed in the class descriptions are on United States Eastern Time  (GMT -5, same as New York, New York).

*** All seats and prices are non-negotiable and non-refundable ***