According to TechTarget “An event-driven application is a computer program that is written to respond to actions generated by the user or the system”. This is exactly what we had in mind at Cornerstone when we started development of 4site™. We knew that today’s traveler does not have all the tools they need to make decisions during their trip and they want them served up in an easy, consumable way.  It was obvious that we needed to create a mobile app that would provide the traveler with predictive intelligence and would convert stress into peace of mind.

At Cornerstone we find event–driven programming fascinating as it presents a separate and unique logic that starts during the programming stage. We knew that the application should be centered on events and identify and present solutions to all types of situations, whether they be good or bad in real time. Of course this requires the app to analyze an abundance of data and understand the data in a solution based perspective.

Our goal is to make enterprise travelers more efficient and productive while on the road. Beginning with providing a 24/7 monitoring of the travel agenda with a major focus of supporting the traveler during trip disruption. We knew we needed this capability to be “always-on” so it could actually predict when travel might get complicated and then readily give the traveler relevant, contextual data to promote better decision making

Intelligence of this magnitude is a clear benefit not only for the individual but for the company as well. An employee, empowered by personalized and contextual data that addresses the situational characteristics of travel, will operate more efficiently and cost effectively. This will in turn, help the enterprise reduce corporate travel spend.

Launching this fall the event-driven approach that  4site™ will provide will enable the traveler, the company and your TMC’s the ability to be proactive and in control no matter what happens to disrupt the travel experience.