iBank – New Reporting Workspace FAQ and Changelog

Cornerstone is excited to announce the iBank New Reporting Workspace, which is being rolled out gradually between now and November. As we have noted before, iBank’s previous Reporting Workspace was based on Adobe Flash technology. As Adobe Flash gets discontinued on December 31st, 2020, we have redeveloped and redesigned our iBank interface to no longer rely on Adobe Flash.

We have compiled information for you to help ease this transition below. Please reference the Changelog and also the FAQs listed if you have any questions about the new Reporting Workspace.

Below also is a list of known issues that have been reported and that we are currently working on.

We are going to be updating this page frequently as the rollout progresses, so make sure to check back with any new questions that you may have.

Table of Contents

If your questions are not answered on this page, please contact Support via email at support@ciswired.com or by phone at (812) 330-4361. 

iBank- Changes to the Reporting Workspace User Guide


iBank Changelog


  • In Flash, there was an Open Menu pop-up to navigate between the Standard, Custom, Saved Filters, and Broadcasts. Now, on the iBank Home page there is one bar that users can click to the different pages. 
  • In Flash when users wanted to run a report, you would first have to click on the report name and then choose report filters. Now, when users click on the name of a report or saved filter, they are taken to the Report Filters page.  Users can still get more information about the report or run the report with the default filters by clicking on the ellipsis button next to the name of the report.
  • The Report Settings and Available Filters are now on the same side of the page.
  • Searchable filters that have a lookup table in iBank (e.g. Account Number filter) now have a search pop-up screen to search for values. 
  • The Specify UDID/Comments to Include option was renamed to UDIDS. 
  • In Flash, we had “?” tooltips for various options to give users more information about a function. For a cleaner Reporting Workspace, we removed these tool tips, but we are learning how to better integrate these. If there are tool tips you found very useful, please let us know.
  • In Flash, there was a delete and edit option on the main Broadcast page. Now, users can click once on the Broadcast report to open the edit page and use the delete button there. 
  • Now, when copying Broadcasts there will be a pop-up screen after clicking copy where you can name the copied Broadcast.
  • For Site Administrators, we now have a Data Load Monitor tool that will replace the Travets Data Load Desk.



Please confirm you are using the iBank v5 site URL: https://apps.ciswired.com/?AGENCY_CODE. If not, replace ‘AGENCY_CODE’ with your agency code which can be found in the URL you were using. Once you have logged in and can access the New Reporting Workspace, please update any bookmarks you have pointing to the old site URL. This is not a new URL for the New Reporting Workspace, but this is a newer URL that was communicated several years ago during the transition from iBank v4 to v5. The URL with ‘ibanksystems’ is the one we are trying to move away from and will soon be disabled.


Please clear your browser cache. Instructions on how to clear cache are below. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our Support team.

Google Chrome: You can use the hotkey combination: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. Chrome will open a new tab with a popup window titled Clear Browsing Data. Make sure that only the Cached images and files box is checked. The timeframe at the top should be All time then, click the Clear browsing data button to clear your cache.

Mozilla Firefox: You can access the menu by using the shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. Firefox will then open a popup. In the Time range to clear: drop-down, select Everything. Then, make sure to only check the Cache box to avoid clearing important browsing data. Then, click Clear Now to clear your cache

Safari: To only empty Safari’s browser cache, you’ll need to enable the Develop menu by going to Preferences → Advanced and checking the Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar box. Then, you can go to Develop → Empty Caches to clear Safari’s browser cache.

Microsoft Edge: You can access the menu by using the shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. Make sure to only select the Cached data and files box to avoid clearing important information. Then, click the Clear button at the bottom.


Please open a case with Support by emailing support@ciswired.com or call Support at 812-330-4361 and after initial review the case will be routed to the Product team for resolution.  


If a customer has an open case with Support, then the customer will be updated through the case. We will also post updates on this page.


We will address any issues to the New Reporting Workspace with priority and we will frequently update our list of known issues on this page.

Known Issues

Resolved Issues

March 18, 2021

  • Reports using Rental Date text will now appear in the Date Range Type section on the Broadcast Reports tab.
  • The Broadcast option, “Always run this broadcast for date period specified above” has been moved to the same container as “Run this broadcast ONE TIME for date period specified below “. Both options now use the same date filter in this section.
  • Now, the filter operator chosen will stay on when re-opening saved filter reports.
  • Made some improvements with how a large number of reports get loaded when in the Reporting Workspace. We have more items in the backlog to make additional improvements for this experience.

January 27, 2021

  • The option chosen for the Organize Available Filters will now stay on as the default until changed by the user.  
  • Implemented the ‘Show All’ button on the Report Filters page. Filters will appear in alphabetical order.
  • Extended the operator forms.
  • The Saved Filter drop-down list that appears on the Report Filters page is now sorting reports alphanumerically. 
  • Non-advanced filters with empty fields will now be loaded when used in Saved Filter reports. 
  • The Not Equal / Not in a List operator is now working for offline, online, and broadcast reports. 
  • The Ending Month drop-down filter now has the months populated. 
  • Reformatted modals/pop-up menus.
  • The “# to Print” option will now stay blank or ‘0’ (to get all records) on Top/Bottom reports if set this way on Saved Filter reports.

December 21, 2020

  • The Broadcast Next Run Date is now correct when using the Back Office Weekly frequency, Report runs, and Week starts on Monday options. 
  • The “get more information” pop-up menu (when opening reports) will now close if a user navigates outside the pop-up box.
  • The Organize Available Filters option will now stay on as the default until changed by the user. Right now, users will have to log out/in of the site to see the changes. We are doing more work so that the changes take effect during the same login session.
  • The Broadcast information section is now showing all data in the container.
  • When adding reports to Broadcasts, reports will now clear from the Report Name field once they have been added. 
  • The list of reports will now refresh after using the search field. 
  • The report type is now showing on the Report Filters page when opening reports via the Notification Center. 

December 17, 2020

  • For future releases to Production, browser cache will be forced to clear out old files to use new files.
  • Users will no longer get a blank page when reloading an Air Activity by UDID Saved Filter report with no UDID Text value.
  • Saved Filter report names that use commas will now stay together in the same row in the Saved Filter drop-down list.
  • Users will no longer get a blank page after saving a broadcast using a Transaction Analysis by Credit Card Saved Filter report.
  • Advanced UDID filters with no code translation will now load when opening Saved Filter reports.
  • XML reports on the legacy reporting engine will now finish running successfully.
  • The Tools menu will no longer disappear when navigating through the iBank site when users that have a new Reporting Workspace iBank Home page and TravelOptix as the default product.
  • The Comparison Dates filter is no longer missing the end date field.
  • Resolved an issue where old, advanced Passenger – Last Name filters were appearing as Advanced UDID filters when opening Saved Filter reports.
  • Resolved an issue where running a report that did not have the user default type available, the report would still return the preferred output to the user and the file would be corrupt.

December 7, 2020

  • The old Flash Reporting Workspace and Dashboard menu options are now hidden for all users and user Reporting Workspace homepages were updated to point to the new Reporting Workspace version.

December 1, 2020

  • Now, when using the “Re-run reports for the last report time period” option, the broadcast’s Next Run Date will be updated to the time the Broadcast was saved so that reports are run right away.
  • Now, Account Numbers will not be duplicated in the search results for users with multiple Data Source restrictions.
  • For non-advanced filters, we combined the Equal and in a List, and Not equal and not in a List operators to be on the same line in the operator drop-down list.
  • The Validating Carrier filter is now applied to the report run criteria when opening and running Saved Filters that were created in the Flash Reporting Workspace.
  • The Broadcast edit page was cleaned up in various areas; the checkboxes are now aligned, the tabs now look like tabs, and fixed formatting issues in the left container.
  • Now, when sharing Broadcasts, any Custom or Saved Filter reports attached are also shared.
  • Updated the Report Settings and Available Filters tabs to look like tabs.
  • The Air Commission filter is now being applied to report run criteria when opening Saved Filter reports that were created in Flash.
  • Resolved issues where several Broadcast schedules were not saving appropriately. The schedules that were previously having issues were: Schedule for: Reservation, Freq: Monthly, Reservation (previous day), Reservation (previous week), Reservation (previous month), Back Office (next week), Back Office (previous day), Reservation (Mon-Wed-Fri), Reservation (Sun-Tues-Thur), Schedule for: Reservation Weekly, and YTD Back Office run monthly.
  • Resolved an issue where non-advanced filter operators were set to Equal regardless of the operator chosen when opening Saved Filters created in the New Reporting Workspace.

November 17, 2020

  • Added the search function to the Customer Accounts filter on the Broadcast Delivery tab.
  • The Last Update Time filter is now appearing in the Notification Center report details.
  • The Broadcast Name is now a required field to create a new Broadcast.
  • The Broadcast frequencies, “Daily Every X Hours” and “Daily Every X Minutes” now will not automatically update to the Daily frequency when creating or Saving Broadcasts with these options.
  • The Broadcast options, “Re-run reports for the last report time period” and “Run this broadcast ONE TIME for date period specified below” are now working as individual options. We are still working to get the Next Run Date to update when the “Re-run reports for the last report time period” option is used.
  • The user specified UDID Number and Label values are now appearing when opening Saved Filter reports. The UDIDS option is available on the following standard reports: Air Activity, Electronic Invoice – Combined, and Transaction Analysis by Credit Card. The report errors that were encountered when trying to run the reports were also resolved in this fix.
  • Resolved default filter issues occurring with the “On Graphs Show” drop-down filter.
  • Resolved default filter issues with the “Treat Markets” drop-down filter.
  • Resolved default filter issues with the “Data to Display” drop-down filter.
  • Reformatted the table views and added a new header bar to replace the Open Menu window.
  • Reformatted the Notification Center.

November 10, 2020

  • The Broadcast frequencies, “Daily – Next Business Day” and “Daily – Prior Business Day” now will not automatically update to the Daily frequency when creating or Saving Broadcasts with these options.
  • In the Notification Center report details, Custom Filters are now not duplicating within the Required Filters section.
  • The iBank Event Log report now captures user activity occurring in the New Reporting Workspace.
  • For table search filters, the search option will now not disappear when reloading a Saved Filter created in the New Reporting Workspace. The specific issue was that the advanced logic options were automatically checked when reloading a Saved Filter. The search function should be removed when advanced logic is being used with table search filters.
  • The required UDID Number filter is now appearing on the Top/Bottom User Defined Fields report.
  • When opening PCM Saved Filter reports, the correct report names are now showing on the Report Filters page.
  • The Dom/Transb/Intl filter now loads correctly when opening Saved Filter reports that were created in the New Reporting Workspace.
  • The UDID Number filter now has a label field for the Air Activity by UDID report.
  • The Booked Date option is now appearing in the Date Range Type drop-down list for multiple reports. Before, this option was incorrectly missing for the following reports: Advance Bookings – Car, Advance Bookings – Hotel, PCM Request Activity, PCM Traveler Detail, PCM Key Performance Indicators, Travel Audit Reasons by Month, Trip Changes – Air, Trip Changes – Type Summary, Top Travelers Audited, Specialist Productivity – Combined, and Concurrent Segments Booked.
  • The Custom Report filter is now searchable for the Custom Report Layout report.
  • The options in the required Segments drop-down list filter are now appearing for the Concurrent Segments Booked report.
  • The Broadcast page, Standard Reports table, and Saved Filters table all have one search bar now.
  • Resolved issues that were causing the text to be missing for the Saved Filter and Broadcast buttons in the Open Menu bar.

November 5, 2020

  • When opening Saved Filter reports, the Report Filters page will now display the Standard or Custom report name, along with the type of Standard or Custom report in parenthesis.
  • When creating new Broadcasts, clicking on the Save button multiple times on the edit page will no longer create duplicate Broadcast reports.
  • When using the go back button on the Report Filters page, users will now be taken to the previously viewed page.
  • The required Segment Carrier filter is now showing carriers in the drop-down list for the Market Share report.
  • When sharing a Saved Filter or Broadcast report, the user drop-down list is now alphabetized, and users can search.
  • The Document Delivery Log report now has values populated in the Time Zone drop-down list filter.
  • The Company Users report is now properly restricting user data when Organization Administrators are running the report.
  • The Top/Bottom Validating Carriers and Top/Bottom City Pair reports are no longer encountering an error.
  • The Data Load Monitor is now showing data in the Message column.
  • The Sort by filter (available on the Top/Bottom Cars, Top/Bottom Hotels, and Top/Bottom Destination reports) is now running by the default option seen on the Report Filters page.
  • The Group by filter on the Class of Service report is now running by the default option seen on the Report Filters page.