Education is an essential component of our platform’s offerings. Our technology continues to evolve, with new functionality and capabilities released regularly. To that end, we have expanded our team to evolve our services to serve our customers better.

One of our primary goals is to provide constructive, initial and ongoing education and training for our software solutions. While most of our clients work with our team as part of their delivery and implementation process, they might not be aware of the opportunities for continuing education and training. Currently we offer more than 15 classes for our clients.


In-Person Training

Our onsite training covers the most commonly requested training for our solutions. The training goes across iQCX®, iBank®, and TravelOptix®. We recognize that not only do our clients hire new staff that needs training but with recent consolidation, there is larger scale training needs as well.

We also find it critical that current and long-time users refresh their training. With our regular updates and enhancements to the solutions, many users find that there are better and more productive ways to get what they need from the software. We also introduce new features – many of which that have been requested through the years by clients. Without proper training, most users do not take advantage of these features leaving their companies without the newest and best tools to manage their business.

Much of our training has historically focused on the end user since they are the ones who truly work with every button and screen in the software. However, we have worked to expand the audience for training.

Many of the new capabilities, especially in the TravelOptix platform, have advanced configuration options and functionality. In the case of TravelOptix, this means that the business team, who might be involved during the initial setup and then turn over operations to an operations center or technology team, need to be engaged again. Discussions regarding new data feed(s) available, new report types, and broadcast capabilities need to engage this distinct audience.

In addition to the classes available, we also offer custom education for you. Our trainers will work with your account manager to develop a training curriculum based on your unique blend of solutions and specific company needs. These services enable us to provide the class – or series of classes – best suited for your team.

We find that onsite training allows for not only more attendees but also for different mixes of attendees, ensuring that the business, operations, and technology teams are working together with the solutions to achieve their company objectives.


Online Training

We recognize that in-person training may not be an option for all our clients, and we are expanding our online training sessions with more than 10 classes available. These classes, all under two hours, are designed for one person who needs to brush up on their skills or learn a new part of the tools. It is great for those who need a refresher or wants to know how to best leverage a new capability.

Online training is available on your schedule. We recognize that it is not possible for everyone to visit our team in Bloomington, Indiana or host our team at your office. Online training lets you and your organization access the education you need when you need it.

To learn more about our Education Services Department and schedule your training, please contact your Account Manager or Jim Ehinger.