Take Cornerstone’s COVID-19 survey here

Predicting the return of the travel industry survey

Take Cornerstone’s Survey: Predicting The Return of the Travel Industry here.

With COVID 19 peaking in the United States and around the world, businesses like Cornerstone are all trying to answer the same question: “How quickly will travel return to its previous levels?”.

It’s our way of wondering when we can all get back to normal or just understanding what is normal now – and you can help us answer that.

Travel Data for This Moment

As a data company, we at Cornerstone want to find our answer as empirically as possible. With all the data within our servers, we’ve been pretty adept at modeling trends in the past. COVID is far more significant of a problem than any of us have faced before, but we still believe that the correct data can form the most accurate pictures of our future.

Please take our COVID-19 Survey here and help contribute to our COVID data model. We will make all our conclusions to this data public once completed. We will also be administering this Survey again in mid-May so that we can track any patterns that may be changing over time.

How Will We Weigh Our Data?

We feel like the best predictor of when travel will return to full strength is going to lay in the rate of confidence growth. The quicker companies return to being confident about the future, the faster we will all start spending on travel again.  Many of us have been hit either financially, logistically, through sheer lack of productivity. How quickly can we all recover from those disruptions? How quickly will your clients recover?

And will there be a “new normal” after this is all over?

While many of us are looking forward to going back to the way our lives used to be, studies about disrupted suggest that some people simply never went back to “how it was” before.

We are hoping that our Survey might reveal any such evolving trends. Do you miss meeting your vendors face to face? Or are you enjoying how many meetings video conferencing allows us to schedule in a single day? The answers will affect not only how quickly travel “comes back” but also if any initial surge in travel will last.

Predicting the Future

After such global emergencies as SARS, MERS, and H1N1, travel will rebound eventually. We all know this – humans are transient creatures. We love to move, to see new things, and to meet others face to face. It’s in our nature to travel.

Please take a moment and fill out our Survey here and help contribute to these answers!

If you are interested in distributing your own branded version of this survey to your own clients, we will provide this survey for free. Cornerstone clients, please contact your account executives. Everyone else, please inquire by sending an email to learnmore@ciswired.com with the subject “Travel Survey”.  

We are looking forward to sharing what we’ve learned with you all.