Thank you so much for participating in our survey to help shape the future of our travel policy compliance solution. We’ve collected results from all corners of the travel industry, and compiled our findings into the following document.

As we are all aware, the Coronavirus pandemic is having an extreme impact on the way that companies travel. Many are grappling with how they will support and manage their teams not only as business travel starts to recover, but as we move into a world governed by COVID and all of its realities.

We here at Cornerstone Information Systems® provide technology solutions that help companies and corporate travel agencies optimize their travel programs. We are enhancing our tech to address the pandemic’s challenges and have asked the industry to provide some input.

The following document contains survey responses from across the travel industry. Data has been made anonymous for the sake of privacy. We wanted to measure confidence, shifts in policy from before the pandemic, and what travel managers are most looking for in a solution to help them manage in this new COVID era.

We hope that you will find this information as useful and insightful as we have. Click the link to download our PDF below:

Survey Results – Future of Travel Policy