The first product release of the Rock Blanco era is out—and it’s already a hit. In March, Cornerstone conducted a soft release of their new business intelligence tool and the results have been favorable, including a nearly 8% jump in transactions. Late last year, Blanco completed the design of a new user interface for Cornerstone’s iBank platform and produced a beta version in under a month. After a five-week test period, the new product was released. The second version of the new application was presented today at the Cornerstone Customer Conference to rave reviews.

“We are excited to further extend our initiatives around the development of business intelligence solutions like iBank BI. By building around a data analytics engine like QlikView, we can ensure our clients get the next generation of product solutions they need to meet the travel data management requirements of their clients today,” said Blanco.

“With the addition of the OneScore application and On-Demand reporting, we have further added to our full complement of business intelligence solutions which provide instant access to key performance indicators (KPIs) measuring all aspects of travel performance on a global scale”

The highlight of version two is the addition of the OneScore Scorecard, which enables companies to track traveler behavior and their financial impact. With clear graphics and a focused set of metrics such as days advance purchase, online booking usage, and preferred hotel usage, the company can quickly see which travelers are following policy and the benefits when they do. An element of gamification provides an opportunity for corporations to introduce competition when identifying which employee is the best steward of the company’s finance.

This release also includes a new “Design Your Own” Reporting tool. This feature provides users with a dynamic “see it as you build it” custom report builder that has access to hundreds of data points from iBank and iBank BI. It also makes it easy to collaborate and share reports using the “Share Session” feature.

“I was blown away with the sneak peek I saw of iBank BI,” said Rebecca Martin, President of A&I Travel Management. “It’s everything you’d want a travel management analysis tool to be: intuitive, fast, and thorough with amazing output options and capabilities. Based on the quality of the analytics and the prep time it will save us in delivering actionable travel management data to our corporate customers, it’s a new must-have!”