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Cornerstone Acquires Apexconnect Inc.

Bloomington Indiana (June 26, 2019) – Cornerstone Information Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the business of Apexconnect Inc., a Washington DC based company. Apexconnect Inc. helps customers automate the integration of expense, payment, and invoicing processes across the enterprise via its Core Connector Platform™. The Apexconnect Inc. business will now be known as ApexConnect.

With Cornerstone’s stronghold on travel technology and ApexConnect’s focus on financial technology, both companies saw the potential to work together to provide a broader set of data and information services to their customers.

The companies’ respective Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offerings are designed to automate a variety of workflows that provide the opportunity to merge a broad variety of different data. Combined with artificial intelligence and predictive technologies, this intelligent hybrid of expense, payment, booking, human capital and other data will change the insights that are delivered to a customer’s enterprise.

“Often we see the need to cast a wider net of functionality across the enterprise in order to help automate for a richer and more efficient workflow for customers,” said Cornerstone Information Systems CEO Mat Orrego. “ApexConnect really understands how to bring together ‘the last mile’ in procure-to-pay workflows and we both saw the opportunity to work together. This technology has a ton of potential to help customers in other areas of their business.”

ApexConnect will continue to run as an independent business from its new offices in Arlington, Va. and will be supported by Cornerstone’s established and growing business out of Bloomington, In. headquarters. Ross Atkinson, Vice President of Sales and Partner Services for ApexConnect, will work with Cornerstone’s Chief Operating Officer Ron Childress to help grow and manage the business.

“With a strong, shared customer focus, both companies look forward to broadening the services they offer while focusing on the specific data, information and integration needs of its customers,” said Ron Childress.

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More about ApexConnect

ApexConnect, is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) company with a Cloud Connect Platform.  This unique platform integrates hundreds of connections with expense management, enterprise resource planning, human capital management, and payment solutions to quickly connect what have traditionally been disparate systems across an enterprise.

The platform automates the invoice, purchase order, expense, documentation management and corporate payment processes while applying client specific business rules, logic, data validations, and transformations providing value in key business functions.

ApexConnect is a company with a customer and cloud first approach.

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More about Cornerstone Information Systems

Cornerstone Information Systems® is a global technology and services provider that has a unique domain knowledge in the travel industry, from how travel is operationalized to how information is managed. With a foundation in automation, Cornerstone designs, builds, and delivers technology for travel companies and corporate buyers. Cornerstone has a single focus on travel data from the management of the reservation to the creation and presentation of information. The result is higher quality customer service and more nimble operational responsiveness at a lower cost with fewer resources yielding higher profit.

Companies managing more than $25 billion in travel spend annually trust Cornerstone to help them proactively lower the costs of travel management and drive revenues through travel optimization. Founded in 1992, Cornerstone Information Systems is a privately held company headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana with customers in more than 50 countries. To learn more, visit