Building Traveler Trust: Consider an Audit

Do you know what builds trust in your market? Having your caliber of service proven by a third-party auditing company. Very few actions can promote your program as “Trustworthy” better than engaging with a non-invested auditor and being given top marks.

Why an Audit?

Maybe your travelers are making a lot of noise. Maybe you are looking into saving some money on your company’s travel. Or maybe you just want to benchmark how well your agency is doing at providing you the lowest fare…

For all these scenarios, investing in Topaz for an audit of your travel bookings is absolutely the way to go!

A Topaz Audit will provide you with exactly the kind of answers that you are looking for and the data you need about performance. Is your agency or online booking tool offering you the best fares?  And if they aren’t, why not? Are your fares being undercut on the internet? Topaz can help answer all these questions and more.

What Would Happen During an Audit?

All PNRs booked by your agency or online booking tool are sent over to Topaz. You could choose to have 100% of your bookings audited or a statistical random sample. Topaz will take the PNRs sent from your company and look deeply into their booking to discover the following:

  • Did the agency or booking tool identify the lowest fare within policy?
  • Were your negotiated airline discounts being applied when applicable?

After analyzing your determined amount of PNRs over the course of your audit timeline, you will get a detailed readout answering all the above questions, and boiling down to everyone’s favorite question: How well is your program performing?

After all the time and money invested in your travel program it is imperative it is working as planned.


“Always Room for Improvement”


In an interview with Topaz’s general manager Michele Simon, Michele states that no matter what “there is always room for improvement”. This applies not only to her own company, but to everyone. In fact, that is exactly what Topaz audits do!

“We identify problems and provide the client with the information to fix them.” – Michele Simon

With the cost of investment in tools and people, not to mention the cost of travel itself, it is important to validate that things are working as they are intended.

There is no denying Topaz’s tenacity and dedication to get the job done. Couple this with their highly skilled team of Auditors’ drive for detail and consistent work ethic, and Topaz can evaluate and analyze an agency’s performance to the penny.  Identifying errors, providing recommendations for resolution, and providing a way to operate more cost-effectively are all markers of a successful audit!



 Are You Ready to Begin?


Inquiring about an Audit is as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. Click here to get your quote.

Still not convinced? Check out our compilation of real life Case Studies. These will provide a real assessment of the experience customers have had with Topaz and some of our services.

Either way, we here at Cornerstone and Topaz are here to help you look great and grow your business. Contact our teams today to get more information!