Cornerstone Information Systems (CIS) launched AutoPay last Spring to oprationalize virtual payments for travel management companies with the ultimate goal of creating a seamless end-to-end payment solution. As we continue to enhance our AutoPay offering, we have partnered with Conferma to bring our clients credit-funded virtual cards, expanding the payment options for our virtual card from only pre-funded to also credit-funded.

The partnership connects our clients to Conferma’s payment network that supports virtual cards issued in 40 currencies across 193 countries. With a choice of over 25 major card-issuing companies and key local names, this tech integration gives corporate travel agencies the flexibility to work with their customers to deliver tailor-made virtual payment solutions.

AutoPay goes far beyond the obvious benefits of instant payment and greater payment security, however. The aim of AutoPay is to operationalize virtual payments through seamless payment processes, improving the bottom line. Travel agents and managers can issue virtual cards for payment without ever leaving their GDS desktop workspace. They are better able to enforce travel policy, reconcile expenses, and report on the results – with no manual work.

When properly integrated with your existing technologies, virtual cards:

  • can be requested from any GDS
  • automatically associate with the booking for tracking and reconciliation
  • integrate with your reporting mechanisms, so you know if you are saving money through travel compliance and can quickly identify issues
  • result in fewer expense errors with less manual reporting from employees

At the end of the day, our concern is not so much about the banking details as it is ensuring that virtual cards become a seamless part of your operations. We aim to enhance your overall travel service and providing credit-based virtual payments is one more step in creating a superior payment solution.

To learn more about our solution, visit our AutoPay page and read our press release.