TravelOptix™ and 4site™ enable Travel Management Companies to be more proactive by delivering actionable data to their corporate clients and corporate travelers

Attendees at this year’s ACTE Global Corporate Travel Conference in Paris will be introduced to TravelOptix™ and 4site™, two new pioneering solutions for travel management companies, corporations, and travelers. Cornerstone Information Systems, a leader in the development of software applications for travel, announced today they will offer the first European preview of these products at their InterACTE booth from October 14-16, 2015.

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives Conference is one of the best-attended and thought provoking travel events in France and Europe and brings together leaders to share ideas on innovation taking place in the corporate travel industry. Cornerstone will be will be on hand to meet with attendees and demonstrate the company’s multi-channel services and solutions.

“Each time we attend an ACTE conference, it provides us with a unique opportunity to share the exciting and innovative things we’re doing in the travel management technology space,” said Mat Orrego, CEO of Cornerstone. “We are setting out to solve two of the most significant problems in the travel industry; trip disruption and data consolidation, and are thrilled to showcase both TravelOptix™ and 4site™ to the European travel community during the event.”

TravelOptix™ provides dynamic and actionable visualizations of a companies’ travel data ensuring that they have broad visibility into their travel trends.  Bringing insights through analytics, TravelOptix assists TMC’s and their clients in making informed decisions based on a consumable business intelligence. TravelOptix enables information clarity on:

  • Savings metrics
  • Program gaps
  • Policy compliance
  • Budget enforcement
  • Future strategy

4site™ is an event driven mobile application that provides accurate, timely and relevant travel data directly to the corporate traveler’s mobile device. Registration is enabled through their current travel services provider, making access to the data and benefits of 4site™ a seamless, hassle-free process. Through traveler messaging and insightful business intelligence, 4site™ administers and delivers real-time data on:

  • Itineraries and travel options
  • Trip disruption – both detecting and managing
  • Re-accommodation services

Cornerstone provides travel management professionals and organizations with a holistic view of the swiftly changing travel market. It provides a seamless way to integrate and visualize disparate sets of data to enable more effective decision making. Cornerstone developed these solutions to enhance their ongoing commitment to providing better analytic visualization and actionable data for TMC’s and their clients.

Interested parties can visit the Cornerstone’s exhibit at the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) in Paris or schedule a demo by visiting