If you’re into the world of cloud accounting software (a pretty niche field, but who are we to talk), you’ve probably heard of Intacct. And if you follow Intacct at all, you may have noticed our recent feature as a customer profile (but if you didn’t, it’s right here).

For a company that sells products that save people time, manual effort, frustration, and money, we were surprisingly behind in our accounting system. As Intacct points out in their profile of us, “[Cornerstone’s] reps were printing out reports and contracts for new customers from the company’s Salesforce CRM system and forwarding them to the accounting department. Accounting would then have to create the up-front invoices and re-enter contract and customer details into a custom database it used to store contracts. Each subsequent billing period, the accounting team would download individual customer files from the database, manipulate them significantly in Excel, import the data into QuickBooks to produce invoices, and finally update the revenue recognition spreadsheet.” Doesn’t that seem like a lot of work—a full workday every month—just for this book-to-bill process? And that’s just one piece of our overall accounting system. But we changed all of that by switching to Intacct from our manual system, and now we save at least ten whole workdays each month and over $150,000 a year because the automated system will be able to keep up with the future growth we’re expecting.

Does this song sound familiar to you? The minute I started reading Intacct’s case study I realized that despite being entirely different companies, we both have the same central goal. How do we help you see and run your business better? From quality data and in-depth, intuitive reporting to process automation and quality control, we’re all about getting the tedious manual work done for you so that you and your employees can focus on what really matters. You can focus your company’s growth, see major trends and tiny details, improve your policies, and improve customer service. Just like Intacct, we put our software to work and save you time, headaches, frustration, tedium, and dollars to streamline your business.

We’re excited to be featured as a case study by Intacct because it gives us the chance to show that we’re a company that practices what we preach. We don’t accept “that’s the way we’ve always done it” as an excuse to remain entrenched in an inefficient system. We push ourselves and our products to do more and be better. As a company, we don’t just provide innovative technology solutions, we’re open to using them ourselves so that we can scale and grow as our business continues to expand. We know that with the right outlook and the right tools, the possibilities are endless.