Travel Industry Impact Visualizations For Your Research And Your Presentations

It’s been a tough year for so many in our industry. Companies are forced to do more with less. We, at Cornerstone, hope that these visualizations can help you when you’re asked to explain the impacts of 2020.

As you look to figure out how you can do everything between “book me” and “pay me” with fewer resources at your disposal, please keep us in mind. Cost-saving automation for the travel industry is our specialty and we’d be happy to see where we can help.

Feel free to download and use these visualizations (included below as both a PDF and as Powerpoint slides) in your own presentations as we are openly considering these a part of the Public Domain. We only ask that if you use this online please give us a link back to

View or Download the PDF of our visualizations here.

Download the Powerpoint Slides of our visualizations here