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Our Expertise

By maintaining a network of the most connected travel information resources and transactional services including, agency back office, reservation, credit card and expense allowing our customers to perform and receive:

  • Standardized reporting

  • Business intelligence and analytics

  • Data acquisition, normalization, and warehousing

  • Automated fulfillment and traveler messaging

Our experience, best practices, and proprietary technology have helped transform labor intensive reservation, back-office and procurement functions into a strategic business advantage for our customers.

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Our innovative approach to on-boarding customers helps you achieve the exact outcomes you’re seeking from the moment we go-live with your solution. Our extensive experience enables us to approach each new solution with the knowledge gained from previous implementations, which can help to accelerate implementations and program success.

We also understand the importance of security and compliance when it comes to processing data. The IT infrastructure that Cornerstone utilizes to operate our solutions is designed and managed in alignment with security best practices and we, along with our data center, follow IT security standards including: SOC2, SOC3, FISMA, and PCI.agement and decision making.

Global Users

Million Unique Bookings Processed

% Uptime


Ready to learn how you leverage our solutions for your success? Join the more than 600 companies with more than $2 billion in travel spend that depend on us for the success of their travel program.

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