Cornerstone understands that training is a crucial part of every software implementation, as well as a requirement during staffing changes. That is why we have developed several training options that will enable you to quickly maximize the return on your investment in Cornerstone technology. No matter which option you choose, we will ensure that your team has the skills they need to realize the full potential of our applications and increase adoption across your organization.

Bloomington Classes

Most of our classes are scheduled on a per-client basis and can be conducted in our Bloomington office. Here you can work in an environment free from daily distractions at work, and participate interactively with our instructors and other Cornerstone team members to learn and use our products in a variety of ways.

On-Site Training

If you are training more than two users at a time, it may make better financial sense to conduct training in your own offices. Our instructors can schedule a visit to your facility and ensure that all reservation and information management staff have the necessary training to use our applications effectively.

Online Learning

Many of our shorter courses can be conducted online. In addition, if you or your team needs a refresher course in writing a ResRule or an introduction to creating customer-centric reports in iBank, you can get the information you need at a time that fits your work schedule. Contact our support at +1 812 330-4361 (option 3) to set up training for your company. 

Application Tutorials

These brief online video presentations are designed to help you better understand your Cornerstone applications so that you can gain the maximum value from your technology investment. Login to the Cornerstone Community to access these extremely helpful tutorials, helping you to understand concepts and learn how to perform different procedures in our products.