Submitting Your Sabre Web Credentials To Cornerstone

Please read the below carefully as this is TIME SENSITIVE

Effective June 21, 2022, iQCX® processing will no longer have ability via Sabre Data Source (SDS) to make the following entries: HOD, HOT, HRD and HOM. Per Sabre requirements, these formats have been converted to API calls that will be used by iQCX®.

To ensure processing on iQCX® is without interruption please send us these credentials as soon as possible.

You can send these to us by submitting an SOW Express form with your Sabre Web Services credentials included

It can take up to 10 days to get your credentials, so with the time frame that we have right now, this is critical. 

We have detailed how to retrieve your Sabre Web Credentials below, and also how to submit them to Cornerstone via SOW Express:

We are looking forward to helping facilitate this for you! 

1. Place Order for Downline Agreement (if needed) from Sabre account team. 

If no prior Downline Agreement for Sabre Web Services (APIs) is in place for Cornerstone Information Systems, a new order will be necessary.  This can be requested from the Sabre account team by asking for a “New Downline Agreement for Sabre Web Services for Cornerstone Information Systems.”

If the status of a possible downline agreement with Cornerstone Information Systems is unknown, consult the Sabre account team to determine if such an agreement is already on file.

NOTE: If there are existing Sabre Web Services credentials for Cornerstone products, a new downline order is not necessary.  Additional new credentials may be ordered for iQCX from an existing downline agreement at no additional charge by asking for a “New set of credentials for Sabre Web Services for the existing Downline Agreement with Cornerstone Information Systems.”

It is NOT permitted to repurpose credentials supplied directly to a TMC (“full license”) or from another Sabre Authorized Developer with a different Downline Agreement.  Reuse of credentials in this manner is a violation of the terms and conditions of the Subscriber Agreement.

Ordering Specifications: for most situations it will not be necessary to increase the default number of sessions (“TAM pool”) provisioned with the Downline order (50).  If a previous downline order for Cornerstone products exists and is active, sufficient bandwidth should be in place to accommodate iQCX traffic unless large volumes of simultaneous sessions are in use.  The Cornerstone account team should be consulted if there are questions.

2. Provide credentials to Cornerstone

Once the order is complete a notification will be issued by Sabre.  Contact your Sabre account manager and supply the Sabre Web Services (API) credentials provisioned, consisting of a user ID (“EPR”) and a temporary passcode.  You will receive instructions on changing the temporary passcode to a permanent passcode using a link to Sabre Central.  Please complete that process prior to contacting Cornerstone. 

Once you have completed the above process, please go here to submit your credentials via the CIS SOW Express process. Indicate that you have your Sabre Web Service credentials and are ready to start testing iQCX with Sabre Web Services.

3. Migration Specialist assigned

A migration specialist will be assigned to guide you through the required modifications. 
Our migration specialists will facilitate getting the connection set up using Sabre Web Services and will then identify what schedules are impacted by this change.  They will then guide you through the steps to move these schedules to Sabre Web Services.  The Cornerstone Development team has already completed work to use the new Sabre Content Services for Lodging (CSL) in the standard Doc Delivery, Data Pump, PCM and iBank Parser modules.

Cornerstone is ready to help you adapt to the changes Sabre is making. Here is what will be needed from you and Cornerstone during the migration process.

You will need to:

  • Provide Sabre Web Service credentials.
  • Provide new queues for use with the new schedules.
  • Once schedules are set up, submit test PNRs.
  • Review and validate results of testing.

Cornerstone will:

  • Establish and test connection using Sabre Web Service credentials.
  • Set up new schedules as necessary, using Sabre Web Services.
  • Monitor and review results of testing.

For customers using the hotel formats in ResRules, our migration specialist will provide direction as to the available options and necessary action.  It is important to note that you will only need to migrate schedules that require use of the hotel commands today to accommodate the migration to CSL content without having to migrate all other non-hotel related Res Rules and schedules simultaneously.  You can seamlessly process schedules using the current Sabre API connections while other schedules use the Sabre WBS connections. 

For further information regarding Sabre ordering or provisioning, please contact your Sabre account representative or technical specialist.  For further questions on the migration of schedules and ResRules, please contact Cornerstone Support or at +1 (812) 330-4361 (extension 3) for assistance with Cornerstone issues. 

Submitting Your Sabre Web Credentials To Cornerstone