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((( This is where we will put all of the ResRule training resources, from videos to documentation. Please remember, this content is still behind a login. That way we can keep close control over (and a close eye on) who is able to access this information. )))


We will have an introduction in this area as to what people can expect to find on this page. This is also roughly how every page will look.

ResRule Documents:

Cornerstone 2020 Travel Industry Impact_202102A

      • (This document is not ResRule, just a filler. But here is where we can talk about what it is). 

5 Strategies to Emerge Profitable—For TMCs 202104A

      • Ditto. 

CIS iQCX-Product-Book 2021

      • Double Ditto

ResRule Tutorial Videos:

Tables in ResRules

Tutorial: Tables in ResRules

Loops (pt 1)
Read Response Multi


Tutorial: Read Response Multi

Tutorial: Data Items in ResRules


Tutorial: Data Items in ResRules

ResRules FAQ


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