Cornerstone Ecosystem – At A Glance eBook

Within moments of creation, bookings are put through a rigorous set of customized automations based on your unique business needs, leading to almost 100% fulfillment. 


Ever wonder exactly how Cornerstone is able to process all of those bookings and output your data in exactly the way you need it? Look no further!  



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Provided as a SaaS, the Cornerstone Platform brings together critical components around standardized and customizable functions that help automate travel fulfillment and the required data information services for today’s modern travel operations and programs. 

Over the next few pages, we will explore what each module can do separately before discovering how they can be combined to create a powerful basis for all of your modern travel operations.



The Cornerstone Ecosystem

We have designed our platform to be used in components, starting from the standard libraries we’ve developed to much more highly customized use cases.

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