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Cornerstone is a technology and service provider of mid and back-office automation for the travel industry. We work with customers, including travel management companies, online travel agencies, corporate travel departments, and suppliers that manage their travel operations.  At the core of what we do is provide the platform and tools that automate what results in accurately completed and transacted travel reservations for travelers, their buyers, and travel service providers.

Provided as a SaaS, the Cornerstone platform brings together critical components around standardized and customizable functions that help automate travel fulfillment and the required data information services for today’s modern travel operation and travel program.  

Video Transcript

When it comes to travel reservations, you can face many challenges. Pressure to improve operating efficiencies while balancing demanding travelers’ needs, their changing plans, weather and airline disruptions, and limited resources that can’t keep up.

Travel sellers and buyers have spent years cobbling tools that don’t naturally fit together to support their travelers. People became the expensive and porous glue that held the parts together.

The truth is that travel is becoming more complex, less transparent, and you need to have your people on the frontlines helping travelers and their suppliers versus performing repetitive tasks.

What if you could free your people to provide extraordinary services while leaving the cleanup, file finishing, and back-office integrations to your digital workforce.

This is where Cornerstone’s iQCX Platform comes in:

With iQCX, you can use our automations to issue single tickets, split tickets, process exchanges, validate your supplier contracts, and optimize commissions while tracking unused tickets and applying them to future travel.

Using iQCX ResRules, automations can be programmed that check for common errors, file-finish reservations for back-office reporting, and automatically check for better seats and fares even after a ticket was issued.

iQCX also supports travel policy authorizations via its Policy Compliance Module and handles traveler notifications of airline schedule changes from its Schedule Change Manager.

Whether working with GDS, NDC reservations, online or offline booking sources, iQCX has the integrations to acquire and process reservation to your demanding standards.

The modern travel seller and buyer has embraced automation so that travel counselors can focus on what matters: serving your clients, serving your travelers, and making their journey as enjoyable, productive, and hassle-free as possible.

The time is right to consider travel automation in a new light.  Cornerstone’s iQCX Platform can help you connect your travel programs to the future.

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