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iQCX® and nexusCMT™
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Cornerstone Information Systems’ iQCX and Farenexus’s nexusCMT have partnered to automate the processing of contract management prior to ticketing.

This solution is easy to implement and integrate, especially for anyone currently running iQCX Ticketing and is fully ready to handle NDC contracts.

NexusCMT is also capable of handling all contract nuances with a 99.2% touchless rate.

“We partnered to solve the incredible challenges surrounding Productivity, Debit Memos, and Revenue Management.

How Does It Work?

Maximized Profits & Increased Productivity

            • Reservation is captured
            • QC file finishing
            • Formats PNRs and sends them for ticketing
    • PNRs with commissions sent from iQCX

    • PNRs evaluated based on loaded contracts

    • Contracts validated & commissions projected

For more information, check out this “Coming Soon” Webinar, and press release.

Transform Your Business

Touchless Rate 99%

Avoid Debit Memos

Complex Contracts Loaded in Hours

Automatically calculate commissions for your TMC, travel agency, or consolidator with this rule engine-based tool!














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AIrline Contract Management Automation