Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services are a critical part of our solutions. Our Services ensure that our technology is being leveraged across your business environment in the best way for your unique environment. From understanding your needs during the sales process through implementation and training, our Services team provides top level guidance and industry knowledge.

Sales Engineers

Our Sales Engineers provide consulting during pre-sale engagements. They work with clients to determine the right blend of flexible technology and services for business needs ranging from simple to complex. Our Sales Engineers evaluate the current business environment, critical business needs, and problems client need to solve, in order to construct the best solution.

Project Managers

Our Project Managers have over 45 years combined Project Management experience. They utilize on-demand software to create project plans that are accessible to Cornerstone teams and clients. Our Project Managers work with clients to define the project scope, build a comprehensive project plan, and manage the parallel work paths and deliverables.

Business Process Consultants

Our Business Process Consultants act as Business Analysts to provide business process consulting during and after implementation. The Delivery Consultants work with clients to define business rules not only for our technology but also business processes that can be improved across an organization. From automated processing to data capture and analysis, the analysts help each client define their own unique business eco-system.

Delivery Consultants

Our Delivery Consultants do the work to ensure your requirements are configured and programmed correctly.  This group is critical to your implementation as they are the team that configures the system, programs business rules and consults with you during implementation and testing to ensure your needs are being met.

The Delivery Consultants are critical to implementation by ensuring that the system is configured and set-up, and then provide on-going business rules audits and reviews.

Education Services

Our Education Department offers in-depth training, conducting in-person and online classes. The in-person classes can be held at Cornerstone’s headquarters or on-site. We have more than 15 standard classes to cover the most common training requests, and we create custom classes to meet your specific needs.

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Client Support Services

Our team of trained support staff work with clients to provide on-going support to clients after implementation. They also maintain the Cornerstone Community site. This online knowledgebase provides release notes, product information, and a searchable database for question by product, category, keywords, and phrases. Clients can reach our support team by phone or email.

Consulting Services

With more than 600 years’ experience in technology and travel, our team of experts works with clients to develop business processes, to evaluate business decisions, and to solve complex business challenges.