We are a global technology and services provider with unique domain knowledge

With a foundation in automation, we design, build, and deliver technology for travel companies and corporate buyers. We help our partners manage their process and information, to drive better decision making.

Trip Fulfillment and Payment Services
  • Trip Improvement
  • Airline Ticketing
  • Virtual Card Integration

Our Trip Fulfillment and Payment Services are developed to ensure that all aspects of your trip are managed effectively.

Excellence in travel management comes through proper 24/7 reservations processing and ticketing, policy adherence, trip improvement and delivering the reporting that you need to deliver timely payment.

Cornerstone will help you to manage your business more effectively, save you money and save you time.

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Travel Intelligence and Analytics
  • Rich Storytelling
  • Visualization Dashboards
  • Canned Reporting

Data is the key to helping TMC’s and their clients understand how well their travel initiatives are producing and performing.

The aggregation of travel specific information, using both internal and external data points, empowers travel companies and corporations to optimize their travel and ultimately optimize their business.

Cornerstone is the industry leader in delivering the most relevant, actionable insights with an enormous database of pertinent information at our fingertips.

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Journey Management and Traveler Services
  • Trip Alerts and Notifications
  • Schedule Change Management
  • Re-accomodation Options

In a perfect world, business travel should be effortless. Cornerstone’s traveler facing services strive for this.

Being aware and staying ahead of any issues that may disrupt a business trip and delivering recommendations that can be acted on is where journey management enables success.

Dealing with events almost instantaneously such as weather delays, over-booking scenarios and even making sure the right rental car selected helps the business traveler focus on their job and not their trip.

Also, by offering a quick way to contact someone who can help, our Traveler Services add another layer of personal service to ensure a safe a productive trip.

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Companies managing more than $25 billion in travel spend annually trust Cornerstone to help them proactively lower the costs of travel management and drive revenues through travel optimization.

'Our MIS staff are no longer chasing down foxholes. The iQCX system has taken the minutia of travel away from the agents and given them time. They are happier and can now spend more time servicing their customer’s accounts. Account managers are happy as they no longer have to ‘clean’ data prior to account reviews.'- Max Noxon, Director of Information Technology, Luxe Travel Group
'Cornerstone has an excellent reputation, and their technology has seen us grow in the corporate marketplace extending the philosophy of shared values to our clients, suppliers, and stakeholders.'- Club Travel MD, Wally Gaynor
'The staff at Cornerstone have greatly assisted our agency with our quality control product. The Cornerstone product has allowed our agency to minimize debit memos, as well as, freed up our agents time to offer exceptional service to our clients while Cornerstone takes care of more of the standard entries. The product is allowing us to become a much more efficient agency.'- Melanie Huckstep, Association Travel Concepts
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